The Kôrè Institute of Arts & Metiers (IKAM) has a Resource Center in collaboration with the Kôrè Cultural Center which functions as an interface between all the components of the socio-cultural fabric. It is a place of orientation, advice, training, exchange and structuring of artists, cultural actors and local communities through a network of local, national and international experts (sociologists, anthropologists, entrepreneurs , managers, historians, traditionalists, etc.), with practical training adapted to the local context.

The IKAM Resource Center is organized around the following areas:

  • Studies and research in the context of behavior change through art and culture;
  • Capacity building of development actors through training packages in Entrepreneurship, Management of Income Generating Activities (IGA) and Leadership;
  • Marketing and Management of organizations;
  • Maaya-Culture and Territorial Marketing;
  • Animation and communication techniques for behavior change;

The training takes place in the Kôrè-SADA spaces (spaces for creation, training and dissemination), in strict compliance with barrier measures.

Institute Kôrè of Arts & Metiers - Ségou Mali

+223 21 32 30 30