Social Art | Arts & Maaya to Educate (AME)
The Kôrè Institute of Arts & Crafts (IKAM) has a Community Development Program (CDP).
Development Program (CDP). This is a research and community development program
development program implemented in collaboration with the Kôrè Cultural Center.
Centre Culturel Kôrè.
The Community Development Program (CDP) offers practical and adapted training
adapted to the local context in various community fields through a network of
community development through a network of local, national and international experts,
with innovative approaches to capacity building and learning,
through the concepts of Social Art and Arts and Maaya to Educate (AME). The concept “Arts
& Maaya to Educate – AME” concept is built on the Maaya which is an integral concept of
of humanity based on the relationship between the individual and the community to educate
children and youth to citizenship and societal values of Mali. The concept
AME (Arts & Maaya pour Eduquer) uses different art forms (storytelling, comics
short films in 2D or 3D, Baroni spaces, etc.) to educate on issues of citizenship
citizenship issues, socio-cultural issues that draw on Mali’s cultural values.
cultural values.
IKAM’s Community Development Program (CDP) is structured around
the following areas:
– Studies and research in the framework of behavioral change through art and culture
and culture;
– Capacity building of development actors through training packages in entrepreneurship, management
in Entrepreneurship, Management of Income Generating Activities (IGA) and
Income Generating Activities (IGAs) and in Leadership;
– Marketing and Management of women’s organizations/groups;
– Maaya-Culture and Territorial Marketing;
– Animation and communication techniques for behavior change
behavior change;
– A digital studio (multimedia production, photo & video reporting)
supported by the Kôrè-SADA concept (Kôrè Social Art Digital Approach), a
approach to social art, which consists in making a transition by adapting the implementation
and communication of the majority of our activities in Arts & Education with digital
Education with digital tools

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