What is Kôrè Design?

Kôrè Design is the multimedia studio of the Institute Kôrè of Arts and Metiers of Ségou (IKAM). It operates in the fields of multimedia and communication of cultural and creative industries, serving artists and cultural actors in Mali and elsewhere.

Our services

  • Graphic design of posters, flyers, brochures, etc. ;
  • Production of documentaries and advertising spots;
  • Web TV infomercial;
  • Creation and management of social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube);
  • Training and coaching;
  • Announcement on Kôrè Web TV;
  • Making of video clips;
  • Publishing (books, magazine, journals, catalogs).

Make digital communication your ally!

Digital communication offers regular, evolving content, adapted to your needs and more easily transmitted from one person to another.

We are at your disposal to reflect and provide the appropriate solutions to your needs!

The quantitative and qualitative results of Kôrè Design

The Kôrè Design program since its creation has made it possible to carry out a number of projects with convincing results, among which we can quote:

  • The production of photos and videos for WaterAid Mali, for JCI and UN AIDS
  • Cover of the last three editions of the Festival sur le Niger, from the Fair to the Manuscripts
  • The graphic design of all editions of the festival on Niger since 2007
  • The graphic design of more than ten books in Mali.

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The Institute Kôrè of Arts and Metiers (IKAM) in Ségou, Mali, created in September 2013, specializes in training in cultural entrepreneurship.

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