What is Kôrè Edition?

Kôrè Edition is a Publishing House in Mali created by the Institute Kôrè of Arts and Metiers (IKAM) in partnership with the Festival sur le Niger Foundation and the Kôrè Cultural Center in Ségou for better safeguarding and sharing of our values and experiences acquired for the benefit of future generations.

Koré édition ségou mali

What are the objectives of Kôrè Edition?

The objective of Kôrè Edition is to provide an opening to all thinkers who have innovative ideas, in order to capitalize them for future generations.

How does Kôrè Edition work:
modes and means of action?

Kôrè Edition has an editorial team that is always available to assist you in all the editing procedures of your work.

The quantitative and qualitative results of Kôrè Edition

Among the various achievements of Kôrè Edition we can quote in a non-exhaustive way:

  • Editing of all the proceedings of the Ségou Colloquium
  • The edition of the 10 years book of the Festival sur le Niger
  • The edition of the three models of the book on entrepreneurship Maaya,
  • The directory of Cultural Organizations in Mali,
  • The book “Metamorphosis” by Tiémoko André,
  • Promotion of the local -model economy CPE-Ségou.

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The Institute Kôrè of Arts and Metiers (IKAM) in Ségou, Mali, created in September 2013, specializes in training in cultural entrepreneurship.

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