Kôrè Institute (IKAM) – Ségou Mali

The Kôrè Institute (IKAM) in Segou (Mali) created in September 2013, is the laboratory of the Foundation of Festival Sur le Niger based on the successful experience and success of the entrepreneurial model of the Festival Sur le Niger in Segou, called Maaya entrepreneurship. It adheres to a vision of promotion and development of art and culture professions in Africa.

Specialized in training in cultural management and entrepreneurship, IKAM is a resource centre for issues related to cultural structuring and management in the field of cultural and creative industries. It is also a reference in terms of initiation and improvement in innovative professions (sound, light, stage management).


After 25 years of experience in cultural entrepreneurship in the field of cultural and creative industries, Mamou Daffé and his team initiated the Kôrè Institute (IKAM).

His motivation is to share not only the experience and good practices of the management model of the Festival Sur le Niger (Maaya Entrepreneurship), but also his managerial practice within the institutions he has managed across the African continent.

He thus capitalizes on the successes and experiences of Maaya Entrepreneurship through the creation of a regional management and reference school to strengthen the managerial and leadership skills of artists and cultural actors in Mali and beyond.

These are the main motivations that inspired the creation of the Kôrè Institute (IKAM) which is intended to:

  • A Master’s degree unique in West Africa that teaches cultural management based on the humanist values of Mali and adapted to the emergence of cultural and creative industries
  • A reference in terms of training in cultural entrepreneurship in Mali and Africa
  • An institute dedicated to the training of the African elite of cultural entrepreneurs
  • The birthplace of the “Maaya Entrepreneurship” concept
  • An innovative model of coaching and advanced training of artists and cultural entrepreneurs based on practice and mentoring.


    The Kôrè Institute (IKAM) helps solving many of the difficulties related to cultural enterprises, in particular: difficulties related to the management of cultural organizations, structuring, management of the cultural event, leadership, search for funding, communication on cultural organizations and events, territorial marketing, multimedia (design, scenography and video), to the professions of the show (stage management, sound and light technique), etc.


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    The Institute Kôrè of Arts and Metiers (IKAM) in Ségou, Mali, created in September 2013, specializes in training in cultural entrepreneurship.


    Institute Kôrè des Arts et Métiers, Ségou Mali


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