Korè Fab-Lab is an incubation and innovation laboratory for the creative industries of the Institute Kôrè of Arts and Metiers (IKAM) which offers you training, assistance and visibility to young project leaders. The first component of this initiative concerns young people from the various Kôrè-Qualité programs (PKQ). The second component concerns the young beneficiaries of the FACEJ project. It also serves as a meeting space, collaborative creation, advice, coaching and promotion for very young entrepreneurs with projects in the field of technological innovation, design, cultural and creative industries.

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Kôrè Quality Program:
What is Kôrè Quality?

Kôrè Qualité is an incubator and development program for young artists and entrepreneurs from Mali and elsewhere, the implementation of which began in January 2013 in an atmosphere of crisis in Mali.

What are the objectives of Kôrè Qualité?


The main objective of this program is to qualitatively deepen through capacity building activities, the skills of artists and cultural actors by also helping them to raise funds for their creative needs and develop in young people a culture of models and landmarks in art. It is about:

  • Capacity building of artists and cultural actors in the chosen sectors;
  • Coaching by models and benchmarks in art and cultural entrepreneurship;
  • Support for the search for funding for the projects of artists and cultural actors.
How does Kôrè Quality work:
modes and means of action

Since the establishment of the institute, this program has been initiated and covers three disciplines: visual art, music and cultural entrepreneurship. The methodology is as follows:

  • Selection by call for applications from interns
  • Capacity building  through training workshops and advanced training courses
  • A tutoring and coaching program: Individual monitoring and coaching programs using benchmarks and models of art and cultural entrepreneurship
  • Networking: Networking of beneficiaries through the community of “Maaya Entrepreneurs
  • The fundraising: Sharing of information and experience in relation to fundraising and support for setting up projects and business plans
The quantitative and qualitative results of Kôrè Qualité

Kôrè Qualité has enabled the training and development of 39 young entrepreneurs and artists who are now well equipped in their respective disciplines. The expected results are as follows :

  • The cultural organizations supported are functional
  • The supported structure is consolidated and strengthened
  • Artists strengthen their capacities and are more proficient in their respective fields
  • Selected cultural organizations manage to raise funds